Our vision is simple:

Our Network Fine Arts Festival is a celebration of what the students of Montana have been doing months beforehand, making Fine Arts Festival a celebration of their hard work and success. Our judges who score the students and the mentor who will give them one-on-one immediate feedback are an important part of that celebration.


Use Fine Arts to help students discover their God-given talents.


Use their Fine Arts entry as a discipleship tool, as you or those in your congregation also gifted in the same area, come along side those students, teaching them how to not only become excellent in their gift, but teach them the ministry aspect of what God has gifted them to do. The result? They will keep their focus on Christ as the Giver of those gifts.


Use Fine Arts as an open door to show students how they can use their ministry gifts to not only build and benefit the local church, but to also point their arrows out towards their community.

The options for deployment are limitless when teenagers discover, develop and deploy their ministry gifts!

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Additional information about Fine Arts Festival can be found at youth.ag.org.

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