Challenging kids to reach the world.

Every year during the month of March, BGMC runs a missions challenge called March Missions Madness—Lost Change for Lost Souls. The purpose of this four-week challenge is to bring special attention to BGMC and what it does.

The object of the challenge is to get every person in the church involved by looking for lost change (money) for one month. Challenge the congregation to search their homes, cars, sofas, washing machines, dresser drawers, etc., to find change that is “lost.” This “lost” change will be used to reach lost souls around the world. Lost souls are reached by equipping our missionaries with the supplies they need to spread the gospel.

“Lost Change for Lost Souls” will create excitement among the kids and adults in the church as everyone gets involved in gathering money for BGMC. Adults will have opportunity during this month to show the kids their support. The adult support will instill excitement in the kids to get more involved in BGMC.

Be sure to read through the enclosed packet for lots of creative ideas and resources for March Missions Madness. More ideas for celebrating National BGMC Day can be found on the BGMC Web site.

Thanks for all your support of BGMC, and thanks for helping us to reach the lost of this world! BGMC is a missionary’s best friend!

David & Marie Boyd

Check out the National BGMC website for some great resources!